Client Comments

Selected client comments:

"I truly appreciate the long hours you spent putting the 100+ transactions into MORSERV.  You went way above and beyond my expectations.  Thanks, again."
Wendi Conley, Somerset Homeownership Commission, Somerset, KY  (606) 679.1332

"Thanks again for "taking care of me". MORSERV is a wonderful servicing program that has been running flawlessly for us over the past 16 or so years.  The amazing thing is that a non-technical guy like me can work with MORSERV with just a bit of help from Wilson every now and then.  Thanks for always being there when my mind freezes (MORSERV on the other hand never freezes!).
Alan Hergert,  Draper, Hergert, Shaw, Seattle, WA  (206) 526-5552

"I have been using MORSERV for probably close to 10 years...even before Wilson if you can imagine that! Over the years, I have had several occasions where I needed support by Wilson Hauck and Back to Basics and have been extremely pleased with the quick response and cooperation our company has always received. As an example, one of our primary lenders requested a major change in how we report wire remittances to them. Frantically I contacted Wilson and wasn't too sure this could be done; however, with patience and determination Wilson was able to create a very simple process that made my job easy and satisfied our lender's requirements. MORSERV is a program that can be used by people with a lot of computer skills or for those who are in the learning process."
Mrs. Pat Wilken, Florida Bond & Mortgage, Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, FL  (954) 566-7485

... "I love and rely on this software" ....
Becky Bonilla, Commerce Mortgage Company, Austin, TX (512) 346-7030

"I have been using MORSERV for almost a year now for our growing investor servicing portfolio comprised of commercial and multifamily loans. Having serviced loans on MORSERV for 10 years with a previous employer, I was very pleased to discover all the enhancements and improvements that have been made (to an already efficient system) since I had last used it 5 years ago. I continue to learn about its many capabilities and have found it able to accommodate all the functions we need to service our life company and conduit loans. I am even more impressed with the exceptional service you provide. You are always available when needed and respond very promptly to my inquiries. I've never asked a question about how to accomplish a particular function in MORSERV, where you've responded 'I can't do that'. I really appreciate your professionalism and expertise with our servicing software needs, as well as the excellent support and service you provide."
Ginger Cody, 1st Trust Bank for Savings, Memphis, TN  (901) 259-5447

..."I chose to delay a letter of recommendation for this product until I had a few months to try it out.  After three months of input and output, I am very pleased with this software program.  I recommend MORSERV to any fellow small business company who is just getting started in the servicing of multifamily loans.  It may also readily serve medium to large companies with far more loans in their portfolio...I just don't know, but I hope to find out by first-hand experience."
Joann R. Scanlon,  JS MultiCapital Corporation, Beachwood, OH   (216) 765-9000
in a letter to Dan Szparaga of Mortgage Bankers Association of America
  FYI, MORSERV is being used by one client to service a portfolio of 2,100+ loans.  Many of our clients have less than 200 active loans.  We believe any server purchased in the last year with SCSI hard drive(s) is capable of supporting a portfolio of 20,000 loans, probably more.

..."following comments have been long overdue. In any event, your service has been greatly appreciated. It is always prompt, informative and problems have been solved efficiently. The quality of MORSERV, especially relative to comparable prices of other software servicing companies, is a very good program that meets all of Federal National Finance Corporation's needs and our Lender's needs. Thank you."
Jay Belk, Federal National Finance Corporation, Castle Rock, CO   (303) 539-0400

"During my associate Nicola Chapman's absence, I recently spent some time working with MORSERV.  I was so pleased to see that you continue to improve the features.   I give you A++ for responsiveness in the customer service department.  The best part is that additional features are added as a part of our budgeted license fee."
Sherrill Crump, F. M. Crump & Co., Memphis, TN  (901) 683-2530

06/20/2001 (from CampusMBA newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 27)
"We were prepared to make a change to update and enhance our software and we selected MORSERV because it had everything we needed at the time, including the best overall customer service potential.  We needed someone who could be available 24/7 to assist us in making this transition.  We've had requests thrown at us [from different lenders], and we've turned to MORSERV to create those customized features.  Those needs were satisfied in a short period of time, completed quickly and efficiently".
Carol Stewart, The Alison Company, Newport Beach, CA  (949) 852-0117

"Just wanted to let you know that we have been running escrow analyses in conjunction with preparing to pay Shelby County property taxes for several loans, and I really am pleased with the amount of info you have added to that report.  Great work, Wilson!"
Sherrill Crump, F. M. Crump & Co., Memphis, TN  (901) 683-2530

08/09/2000  Escrow Analysis comment
..."I also like the addition of the property address.  I'd like to thank you for all the time you've put into this project.  Lynn said she feels she made the right decision for our servicing software.  We couldn't get this kind of non-billable customizing service anywhere."
Denise Bolinger, 1st-Southern, Knoxville, TN  (referring to Lynn Bates, Controller)
(865) 584-2300

Thanks to each of you for your permission to post these comments.  Wilson Hauck

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