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Selected clients with web sites and initial license date:

First Southern Mortgage     Knoxville, TN - April, 1999  Founded 1978 Full Service Mortgage Banker

Federal National Finance Corporation    Castle Rock, CO - February, 2000  Founded 1987 Specializing in Federal Building Finance

Magna Bank    Memphis, TN - June, 2002   Bank opened January, 1999 Direct Lender as 1st Trust Bank
  Acquired portfolios of Denson Ward and FM Crump & Co prior to 2010.

Selected former clients with web sites and initial and end license date:
(Kept in this list with their permission - Thanks to each of you, Wilson.)

Florida Bond & Mortgage, Inc.   Ft. Lauderdale, FL - 1990 until Oct, 2012 to morservw version   Founded 1957   Full Service Commercial Mortgage Banker

Mohrle-Morris & Associates   Dallas, TX - 1989 until Mar, 2012 to morservw version   Founded 1989   Commercial Real Estate Finance

The Philipsborn Company     Chicago, IL - April, 1999 until Mar, 2012 to morservw version  Founded 1925 Full Service Mortgage Banker

Venture Mortgage Corporation   Edina, MN - 1990 until March, 2011 to Windows  Founded 1990   Full Service Mortgage Banker

City of Memphis - Housing & Community Development    TN - June, 1991 until March, 2009 to Windows   HCD established 1977

The Alison Company   Newport Beach, CA - December, 2000 until February, 2007 to Windows  Founded 1934 Full Service Commercial Mortgage Banker

JS MultiCapital Corporation  Beachwood, OH - March, 2002 until August, 2008 sold loans    since 1989 Multifamily financing specialists
                                                MAP approved

Beneficial Life Insurance Company    Salt Lake City, UT  - April, 2002 until Jan, 2008 sold loans  Founded 1905

National Equity Fund, Inc.    Chicago, IL - January, 2003 until February, 2009 2 active loans  Created 1987 by Local Initiatives Support Corp -

Community First Bank    Keosauqau, IA - November, 2005 until June, 2008  result of merge of Farmers State Bank & State Savings Bank

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Simple loan payment calculator:

Original developer of MORSERV - Sam Butler - early 1980's:    Butler & Associates    Lascassas, TN

Glossary - Residential and Commercial Mortgage terms:
When you would like a quick brief refresher

Hard to reach humans numbers:    including request call back rather than waiting
                                       AND the maze of messages and numbers to enter

Helpful mapping tool:  Directions (for the male population)

High speed fun - but ONLY if you like to go FAST:  Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure (some events I work with the crew)

Mission opportunities:
Constructores Para Cristo   where I helped build a home most summers 1998 thru 2003
Living Waters For The World    Volunteer 5 of your days to provide pure water for hundreds

Real Estate Directory:
REALS - A Comprehensive Real Estate Directory

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Google - not biased by paid editors - just great technicians

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CampusMBA - web based training

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