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MORSERV - MORtgage loan SERVicing software

MORSERV is a PC/LAN/WAN based non-GUI application for the MORtgage loan SERVicer. The system features Amortization Schedule preparation, Investor reporting, Tax and Insurance Due management reports and many other features that are required by interim or long-term mortgage loan servicing organizations.

This product has been designed and developed by specialists in loan servicing. The concepts and procedures applied throughout this product represent many years of systems development and servicing experience.

MORSERV has been in continuous service since 1983 in many locations in the United States.  The software is used to manage the complete record keeping requirements for mortgage loans including 1098 filing.

The primary goals in the design and development of this software is to provide users with an easy to use, accurate and efficient system to handle their day to day record keeping tasks of managing their investors loan portfolio.

Unlike much of the servicing software available today, MORSERV was designed from the beginning to run and operate in the PC/LAN/WAN environment. This product runs on stand alone Windows based PC's and on many of the major network operating systems - Windows 2003 XP Pro or Home ME 2000 98 95 Small Business Server Novell NetWare Citrix. Other operating systems will be considered upon request.

Custom software design and development.

We offer a range of expertise in communications, data conversion from EBCDIC to ASCII, script development, Cobol support for financial applications on a contract basis, including batch and on-line applications.

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